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The Bulldog Track Adventure
The Bulldog Track

The Bulldog Track

The Bulldog Track

A real jungle adventure in the steps of military history.

The Bulldog Track is one of the most challenging jungle tracks in Papua New Guinea and the world. It leads through thick and untouched rainforest, over steep ridges and through wild rivers up to chest-deep. You’ll trek through a stunning array of landscapes and villages, little changed over centuries.

Maybe you have heard of the Kokoda Track? Well, this one is more tough, more remote and more beautiful. And with just about the same amount of ANZAC history.

Situated some 200 km west of Port Moresby, the track crosses the Owen Stanley Range peaking at about 2600m altitude. It connects Wau in the Bulolo Valley with the Lakekamu River on the south side and can be done in either direction. The track will take you 4 – 8 days to walk plus 1 – 2 days for the transport Port Moresby – Lakekamu River. That’s the same in both ways and depends on your level of fitness, planning and the moody gods of public transport.

Once you made it on the track it’s a really rewarding experience both physically and mentally. You will be exhausted from fighting your way through the jungle and crossing yet another creek. But all your troubles will be forgotten once you enter the next small hamlet or village, talk to the locals, give some treats to the kids and get rewarded by those huge glowing eyes. There is a very good chance you will meet people who have never seen a “whiteman” before. Oh, and have we mentioned those sweet and juicy pineapples straight out of their gardens? Only for them we would do it again!

With this tour package you’ll get everything you need to walk this track self-guided as we did. We give you a detailed track description, as well as tips and maps for your planning. We tell you about what to expect, what to bring and the risks involved. You also get a walked GPS TRACK of the Bulldog so you can’t get lost in the jungle. Last but not least we tell you exactly how much to pay for what, and how to save money on the way. This Adventure Package actually pays for itself. When you follow our advice you can save up to 1000 Kina on the way! 1000 you say? Yeah 1000 we say!

Bulldog Track facts:
  • 85 km jungle track
  • 5 – 10 days depending on level of fitness
  • peaking at 2600 m
  • one of the toughest jungle tracks in PNG

Basically you only have to pay for public transport. You can do the whole track with this Adventure Package for as little as 200 Kina if you are self-sufficient.

What else?

Be careful: You might get wet from crossing wild rivers!

Check out the details and pictures below — then, get your hat and go for it!

6 facts about this real-adventure package:

Keep the adventure thrill

We believe that following a guide is nothing but dead-boring. With our Adventure Package you stay in charge. We give you all the knowledge you need to do this adventure self-guided. A detailed track description and equipment tips are just the start. Choose your pace, walk your way and keep your thrill!

Don’t get lost in the jungle

Wonder how to navigate in the thick green? Afraid of losing track and getting lost without a guide? Our Adventure Pack includes a real walked GPS Track, important point-of-interests and digital maps. Just load it on your GPS device, relax and enjoy the walk!

Dangers & Emergency Strategies

Of course, an adventure doesn’t come without risks. That’s part of the experience. We tell you exactly what possible dangers to expect and how to deal with them or even avoid them in the first place. Should the shit hit the fan, we’ve got a couple of exit-strategies for you.

Save money and don’t get ripped off

Quite frankly, this package pays for itself. We are backpackers, so saving money is like a sport for us. In this package we tell you exactly how much to pay for transport, accommodation and such. For example, we’ll tell you how to save up to 1000 Kina on transport. Also, if you check out the guided tour operators on the internet, you’ll know how much you can save just by purchasing this package…

Save time on the boring part

Planning your adventure is part of the fun right? Well, research isn’t! Before we set out on the Bulldog Track, it took us tiring weeks to gather all the information before we could even start thinking about how to tackle the track. You don’t have to look any further. Get this package and you can start planning right away. Don’t get lost on google when you have this chance to stay on track in the jungle!

Valid information guaranteed

Our aim is to give you an all-in-one solution for your adventure. We only pass on information that is valid and checked hands-on. We always try to put it in a nicely designed and easy usable form. Also, we have nice pictures. Should you not be satisfied, we have a 30-day-hassle-free money back guarantee.

Or even better: if you walk the track and have additional or update information, check out our reward program.

Our guarantee to you

We walked the track ourselves before we put this Adventure Package together. We are 100% confident that you will enjoy it as much as we did! That’s why we guarantee:

What exactly do I get?

A dancing pony in a frying pan! Nope, seriously you’ll get an all-in-one information kit that will set you up with everything you need to self-guide yourself in and out of the Papuan jungle. See the full list of details below:

Bulldog Track PDF Handbook

A 36-page PDF handbook with everything you need to know to tackle the Bulldog Track on your own!

Track Description
Tips & Prices
Bring along

Bulldog Track GPS Files

A walked GPS Track of every meter of the 85 km Bulldog Track plus maps. A 90 mb mega pack including:

GPS Track
Points of interest
Link to OSM Maps


Selected additional fact sheets from our Know-How section:

How to cross wild rivers on foot
How to deal with snakes and other creepy-crawlies in the jungle
What do others say?
I just purchased the Adventure Pack and I must say: only reading the eBook makes me want to bash through the jungle right now! Not only is it full of very useful information but also beautifully designed. Great job!Dave, Australia

Before Ju & Seb went on the bulldog track, they consulted me for information as I walked the track 2 years ago. After getting my hands on this information package I can only say: If only I could have consulted them before my trip!Johann, Germany

OK, the facts are nice but does it look good?

It sure does! We not only want to give you the best information available, but also to prepare them in a functional and beautiful form. See a few impressions below. You can click the pictures to enlarge.

So what exactly am I waiting for?

Better weather maybe? What kind of adventure spirit is that? Just go on, check it out and take the challenge!

Instantly after the purchase you will get an eMail with your personal download links. Just click on them and start planning your adventure right away. If you make it through call in after and tell us how it was!

Oh, and one more piece of advice before you go: Stay hydrated!

The Bulldog Track — A real jungle Adventure

Bulldog Track PDF Handbook

Bulldog Track GPS Files


Experienced adventurer? Only need part of the deal?

No problem, you can get the single pieces here:

Bulldog Track GPS Files

Bulldog Track PDF Handbook

And one last thing. We really appreciate your feedback on our site and our product. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our reward program for your update information!


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