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On Real Adventures



On Real Adventures


We believe that a real adventure means to achieve something fully. And by that we mean the whole thing. From your first stab of planning to getting your exhausted body back into civilization. Just following your guide’s umbrella is not an achievement, it’s merely a walk around your backyard. A real adventure is an epic process and it can never be guided.

Adventure means embracing both serendipity and disaster, and it happens when you—yes you, and no one else—suddenly have to face situations outside your comfort zone. It’s about grinding your teeth and rising to the occasion. Then, and then only, after successfully overcoming hardship, have you achieved something fully. And grown while you were doing it.

That of course doesn’t mean you should walk out into the wild totally unprepared. There’s a big difference between heading into a real adventure and jeopardizing your life in the jungle. And that difference is called preparation. And preparation means planning, knowledge and experience.

We’ve got it all and we are happy to share it with you.

And guess what: we are neither Bear Grylls nor Indiana Jones. We are just two normal people who seek the adventure and rise with the occasion. And so can you.

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