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About Us
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About Us


Expert for Visual Benchmarking

I guess the most important discovery in my life is that I´m free. So I stopped living the life I thought I should, left home and started the life I always wanted. I love pure nature and that moment when you cannot believe your eyes how beautiful our planet actually is. Real adventures push myself to new heights. That awesome feeling of growing I hardly find anywhere else; neither on the main tourist trail nor by sitting in a bureau and finishing a project. As a citizen of the world I want to go as far as I can and listen, learn and give a smile to everybody out there.


Expert for Exploiting Infrastructure

Continuously traveling for the last three years, I stumbled upon quite a few adventures. Doing my travel internship in south-east asia, I soon got bored with the Lonely Planet highway running through those countries and the pseudo-travelers speeding on it. I started to look off the beaten track and found, that a real adventure only starts, where your average guidebook has long stopped telling you what to do. I am since practicing my craft and hope to become a master-adventurer soon!


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