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Bulldog Track

Bulldog Track - Papua New Guinea
Bulldog Track - Papua New Guinea

Bulldog Track

One of the most challanging jungle tracks in Papua New Guinea and the world. Have you heard of the Kokoda Track? This one is more tough, more remote and more beautiful. Get your self-guided Adventure Package here. Including GPS track. Take on the challange!

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Gibb River Road - Australia

Gibb River Road - Australia
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Horse trekking in Kyrgystan
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Real adventures happen when you get your ass out of your comfort zone. When you dare something. When you get that tingling sensation in your stomach.

When you fail, try again, fail better and finally overcome hardship. Real adventures test all your skills and simply can never be guided!

Get off the beaten track in style. Guide yourself and keep the thrill - because you owe yourself the real experience!

The 5 steps of your real-adventure

  • Step 1: Dreaming

    Every adventure starts with an idea, an inspiration, that eventually turns into a dream. You either already have one – or you might find it here.

  • Step 3: Adventuring

    Make your dream reality! You’ve packed all your things and set out for the big trip. You feel ready with all your real-adventure knowledge and our GPS track makes sure you’ll stay en route in every terrain.

  • Step 5: Tell us how it was

    This of course is optional but we would really like to hear about how your adventure went. If you have discovered new things or have update information for us, please check out our information reward program.[/fancy_link

What we do for you

Real-Adventure Packages

Our aventure packages set you up with everything you need to experience your next adventure self-guided:

  • Full Information Handbook
  • GPS-Track
  • Special Know-How

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While we prepare and do our adventures, we always gather a lot of  knowledge and experience in outdoor-related fields. Usually we gather them in useful guides and put them in our Know-How section for you.Check ’em out!

Valid Information

All our information are not only thoroughly researched but also live-tested. We don’t just gather information, we actually use them hands-on in our own adventures before we pass them on to you.This means, that our info is not only reliable but also that you get exactly what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. If you want to find out more,see our blog

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"Real adventure is defined best as a journey from which you may not come back alive, and certainly not as the same person.” - Yvon Chouinard

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